Scratch My Progress


Scratch My Progress is the Oh Yeah Music Centre’s flagship annual talent development programme. It is supported by PRS Foundation and YouTube Music.

Each year we recruit 4-5 emerging artists from Northern Ireland onto a structured and dedicated scheme of work that supports the creation, performance and promotion of their work. The programme is guided by our dedicated talent development manager, Charlene Hegarty and builds a system of ‘real world’ experience and support around artists at pivotal stages of their career development. 

The support offered includes mentoring, one to one meetings with industry experts, and workshops on everything from vocal coaching, songwriting, funding and festival applications, copyright & IP management and developing skills in managing finances. 

As part of the 9-month programme each act will gain free rehearsal space, recording time, PR and marketing support and training, a professional photoshoot and a biography writing session as we prepare for an official release as part of the programme. You can check out all previous Scratch My Progress releases here.

Scratch My Progress has supported the careers of:

Kitt Philippa, Hannah McPhillimy, Careerist, Wynona Bleach, Owen Denvir, Sister Ghost, Emer Maguire, Vokxen, Conor Marcus, Sasha Samara, Joel Harkin, Cloakroom Q, Alice LA, Gerard Sands (Dark Tropics), Gemma Bradley, Ferals, Dena Anuk$a, Reevah, Strange New Places, Hand Models, Cut In Blinks, Lemonade Shoelace, Vivamagnolia, Riley Holland, Gilmore, Gender Chores, Jack Devlin, Susi Pagel, Problem Patterns, Myles McCormack

Application for 2022/2023 closed at 6pm on 25th July 2022. Applications for the next round will open in June 2023.

If you have any questions, please contact