My Music: Caoimhe O’Connell, Oh Yeah Youth Engagement Officer

We love music so much at Oh Yeah that we thought we’d create ‘My Music’, an occasional feature where team members tell you about the music that makes them who they are today.

First up is the fabulous Caoimhe O’Connell, Oh Yeah Youth Engagement Officer.

  1. Who were the bands/artists on your bedroom walls when you were growing up?

System of A Down, Rancid, No Doubt, The Ramones, The Specials, Amy Winehouse, The Misfits, Blondie and lots of blurry photos of local punk bands.

2. What was your first gig and where?

Concert – Boyzone at the Point Theatre Dublin in 1997

Gig – Warzone Festival in Giros 2002, an eye opener to say the least.

3. What artist/band inspired your most memorable fashion choices (hair, clothes, make-up, etc.) when you were younger?

Brody Dalle, Debbie Harry, Florence Welsh, Gwen Stefani.

4. How do you most like to listen to music – on vinyl, CD, cassette, streaming or a combination?

Spotify when I am working or I am out and about but at home it has to be Vinyl, especially while eating with others.

5. What’s the most unusual piece of band/artist merchandise you own?

I have a T-shirt that I got when I saw Milky Chance in Amsterdam in Jan 2020. The band had let fans know that they wouldn’t be travelling with Merch on their European tour in order to have an environmentally responsible approach to sustainable touring… BUT that fans could bring their own items of clothing to be printed at the show for a small fee! It was such a brilliant idea and I was able to pick the print I wanted and have it made there and then at the gig on a t-shirt I brought with me. I think it should be the way forward for all touring acts and I treasure the T-shirt because it feels very personal.

6. What’s your go-to song for karaoke or singing in the car?

Karaoke – Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison Blues

Singing in the Car – (because no one can hear me) Florence and The Machine – Dog Days Are Over.

7. What album would you save if your house blew down and why?

Milky Chance – Sadnecessary on vinyl. It’s the album my partner and I listen to the most and the first one I ever bought him. Every song holds a different memory.

8. What artists (alive or dead) would be in your dream band line-up?

You cannot improve upon Amy Winehouse singing with The Specials in my book…. maybe if you stick Rory Gallagher in there.

9. If you could meet your favourite all-time artist, who would it be and what would you say to them?

I would meet Lauryn Hill and I would ask her to tell me her life story from start to end.

10. What song would you like to have played at your funeral?

An old Irish song – Líontar Dúinn an Cruiscín by Seán Bán Mac Grianna and sung by a friend. It’s about all sorts of aspects of life and it goes on a bit, (just like me – ha ha!). But the last verse is about your death and your loved ones grief. It has a calm feeling to the verse rather than being morbid; you tell them to drink and sing so loud that you hear their voices. I love that thought.

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