Kate Nicholson on Sound of Belfast, New releases and ‘Mothers in Music’!

Kate Nicholson is a GP who lives in Portstewart with her husband and two young children.

Being a new mum during a global pandemic found Kate needing a creative outlet. Our unique ‘Mothers in Music’ programme helped her through meeting women who understand the challenges of making music from a mother’s perspective.  Although Kate has been writing songs since the age of 17, being a mother has given her an added push to create and share her music – she recorded an album of 10 songs during lockdown!  

Here, Kate shares her latest news and looks forward to her two gigs at Sound of Belfast.

Hi Kate, You’ve had a busy time of it lately! Tell me about your upcoming Sound of  Belfast gigs and the other exciting news you have had. 

Well firstly and most importantly we have had a new addition to the family – baby Tomás John, who is 3 months old! He is beginning to have the best wee smiles, coo’s and cuddles. But sleep is still at a premium which is really hard for someone who loves their sleep! 

And what about the gigs? 

First up is an Open Mic night with the “Mothers in Music” collective on Friday 5th November at the Oh Yeah Centre. I really can’t wait to hear all these amazing mamas do their thing! 

I have so much respect for these women who have overcome adversity to continue to do the things they love. That is what the group was all about. I’m speaking for all of us when I say we are so grateful for the programme which was run by Charlene Hegarty, Talent Development Officer at the Oh Yeah Centre. 

We had songwriting classes with some of the best in the business such as Katie Melua, and formed a bit of a support network to encourage and collaborate with each other.  I think it came at a good time for us, when a lot of things were put on ice due to the Pandemic.

You have another appearance at Sound of Belfast isn’t that right? 

Yes, I am playing at the Empire Music Hall on Friday 12th November at an “In the Round” night of music along with Siobhan Brown, Bernadette Morris and Cormac Neeson.

When I was 18 or so I collected glasses at the Empire and had the privilege of seeing ‘The Answer’ live. Needless to say I was impressed, so to be sharing the stage with Cormac is pretty special! I’m also excited to play alongside Siobhan and Bernadette who are first class. The night is hosted by Ralph McLean whose show I’ve been listening to for years.

Any new releases coming out soon?

Yes I’m giving away all my secrets here! I have a new single coming out this Friday 5th November called “Wrong Side of the Town” which will be available to stream in all the usual places. It features Cormac Neeson on vocals and we will be playing it live for the very first time at the Empire on 12th November. It’s going to be a very special night and I hope to see you there

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