Give your beloved ones the gift of three hours long practice at the Oh Yeah

It is the season for Christmas shopping, and everyone is scratching their heads again to find out what would please all the members of their families…

For those wanting to offer something special to a musician, we have the perfect gift! Get them Oh Yeah vouchers to practice for three hours in our two rehearsal rooms. Come ask a member of the staff to purchase one (or more) at the café! The price is £20 for the small room and £25 for the big room.

Our rehearsal rooms are equipped with air conditioning, a drum set in each one (no cymbals or sticks), amps, mics, a mixer and local PA in each one, and you can come downstairs for snacks and drinks at the café! Find out more about the rehearsal rooms here

We are open Monday – Friday from 10am to 5pm and 12pm-5pm on Saturday