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Afro-Mic Productions
Afro-Mic Productions

Emma-Rosa Dias

With over 13 years experience in TV production, both in front and behind the camera for BBC, ITV & Channel 4. Emma-Rosa also worked as a commercial TV producer at one of Northern Ireland's leading advertising agencies before branching out on her own with Afro-Mic Productions in September 2013.

Previous to this Emma worked within the music industry managing various artists and record label PR giving her a broad and immersive music background.

With exceptional interpersonal skills and in-depth research into all projects, Emma-Rosa's ability to bring out the character of her subjects while delving into informed debate provides Afro-Mic Productions with a unique, personal touch to all projects.

AVA Festival
AVA Festival

AVA is an Audio Visual Arts Festival and Conference in Belfast that celebrates, amplifies and develops the strong current of electronic music and digital visual arts from Northern and Southern Ireland.

The goal is to provide an opportunity for emerging and established artists, DJ’s, producers, managers, agents, labels, designers, visual artists, promoters and some very special guests, to share their knowledge through a free daytime conference (11.00-15.00) that progresses into the ticketed AVA evening showcase (15.00-Late) with a special lineup, paying homage to Belfast’s unique energy and character.

Belfast Metropoltian College (BMC)
Belfast Metropoltian College (BMC)

Belfast Met is the largest Further and Higher Education College in Northern Ireland and the fourth largest in the UK.

Our mission is to become a centre of learning excellence, committed to transforming lives and contributing to the social and economic wellbeing of Belfast and the wider region.

Big Wild Collective
Big Wild Collective

Katie Richardson, Ryan McGroarty & Cheylene Murphy are 'Big Wild Collective'.

Big Wild is a writing room and a studio full of three songwriters and producers. Big Wild could compose music for your film, ad or brand, or co-write songs with you. Ryan McGroarty is also a freelance recording and mixing engineer who produces in Big Wild and in Start Together Studios.

We caught up with two of the company's founding members, Cheylene Murphy and Katie Richardson...

Can you tell us a little about what Big Wild is?

(Katie) We’re three freelance musicians, who also work as producers, composers and videographers here in Belfast! We decided we wanted to set up a collective to support each other, watch each other grow and collaborate more easily. We decided the best way to do that would be to share a space together.

How long have you been in the Oh Yeah Centre?

(Katie) Just over a year! The first while was spent developing different ideas, so we’re only really launching the collective now!

What made you want to base your business in the Oh Yeah Centre?

(Cheylene) When we were talking about a space that we could come and go as artists, where the support structures were already in place for like minded people to help each other, the Oh Yeah Centre was the first place to spring to mind! There’s so many cool artists and tenants here, there is a flood of creative people coming and going all the time…we didn’t even think we’d get an office here, so we were extremely delighted when we moved in.

(Katie) It’s a creative HUB, in the city centre, which is something else that really appealed to us. The Cathedral Quarter is where the arts are based and having a space n this area is so important. It provides access to the wider arts community! There’s great venues close to us, great creative offices close to us…there’s so much right here!

(Cheylene) This is where the arts live, here in the Cathedral Quarter, it’s a beautiful place!

(Katie) There’s a real community feel to this area, but especially within this building. It’s a little home, a little family.

What’s it like sharing the building with the other tenants?

(Cheylene) It’s brilliant because everyone is so helpful! Even if you just want someone for a quick chat, everyone wants to make things happen, everyone’s motivated.

How important is it for Belfast to have somewhere like the Oh Yeah music centre?

(Cheylene) I think it’s really important and amazing, it brings everyone who’s already in the scene closer, whilst also making it more accessible for those who aren’t. It makes everything we do as artists more important and makes everything we want to do seem easier. Before I even lived in Belfast I would get a bus here and go straight to the Oh Yeah music centre. It represents the NI music scene for me, so it’s done an awful lot of good for this city.

(Katie) The building is the building, but the staff make it what it is. Charlotte Dryden, the CEO here, she’s do anything for you. There’s so many selfless people here. The people here make it the community that it is.

(Cheylene) It’s very easy to feel isolated when you work in the arts. This is a place you can go and remember that life is great, music is awesome and what you’re doing really does matter.


ChampionSoundMusic is a Belfast based Event management company specialising in innovative event production and marketing. We can offer advice and handle every aspect of service in the music and events industry.

Guerrilla Shout
Guerrilla Shout

Guerrilla Shout are a creative visual ideas company based in Belfast. They design, direct and produce light shows & projection mapped experiences, animated video and films for clients all over the world. Recently we’ve been working with Jaguar, Red Bull, Sony, The Irish Museum of Modern Art and Electric Picnic.

Oisin O'Brien is the founder of both Guerrilla Shout and their sister company DSNT Records...

Tell us a little about what your companies?

Guerrilla Shout is an animation and visual production studio! We produce stages for festivals, music videos and basically anything that needs a light show! DSNT is a record label that produces banging techno.

How long has your business’ been going and how long have they been based here in the Oh Yeah Centre?

Well DSNT has been going for seven years now, while Guerilla Shout has been running from March 2015. We’ve been in and out of the Oh Yeah Centre a few times, probably for about five years now, but my companies have always had a great relationship with the place.

As someone who has experience of being based in the Oh Yeah Centre, how positive has this place been in growing your brand?

It’s been very important in terms of having a space to create the type of work we do! Particularly for some of the shows we’ve done for the likes of Body and Soul Festival, Electric Picnic and so on. Having a studio space where you can create art at your own pace, on your own time, really gives you the freedom to be able to grow. There’s been some projects we’ve delivered that we wouldn’t have been able to do had we not had the Oh Yeah Centre’s support. It’s been super positive!

Maverick Renegade Productions
Maverick Renegade Productions

Maverick Renegade Productions specialise in the creation of music videos. They make videos for bands throughout the UK and Ireland and have had their content featured on nearly all of the main UK music channels.

Moosetronix Mastering
Moosetronix Mastering

Jon Moorehead is a highly skilled and creative engineer with an eclectic love of music. He has a deep knowledge of his role with considerable experience and expertise, a genuinely personable character, and he goes the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction.

RnR Workshop
RnR Workshop

Repair Shop.
Guitar & bass: setups, soldering, rewiring, pickup installation…

Valve amps: scratch-builds, modifications, conversions, mains transformers, output transformers, vintage restoration, re-valves, bias check & adjustment, electrical safety check…

Pedalboards: custom cables, signal routing devices, wiring tidy-up & improvements

Transistor amps

re-frets, warps, binding, lacquer/finishing • mixing desks, PA equipment, outboard audio, hi-fi, classical instruments


Start together Studio
Start together Studio

Start Together is a recording studio opened in December 2007.

They're interested in recording rock, pop, folk, country, punk, metal, hip hop and everything in between.

Third Bar Artist Development
Third Bar Artist Development

Third Bar is an artist development business ran by Davy Matchet and founded by Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody. Past and present clients include The Wonder Villains, A Plastic Rose, Verse Chorus Verse and The Late Twos.


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